The Art of Flower Making: 5 DIY Tutorials

So recently I've been working on more flower hairpieces since it's spring time...and dang it, they're fun to make! In fact, after making a few, Kaye and I had a photo shoot for our spring look book (which should be out soon, I'll post about it more when it's all finished!). But as I was making my flower pieces, I thought to myself: wouldn't it be great to not be held back by the flowers I find in stores? 

You see -- a lot of the items we make are based on the materials we find. But I had started making paper roses a few years back and adding them to hats, and honestly, it was so great to have that extra little creative accent that I knew wouldn't be mass produced. Now that doesn't mean the flower pieces we make aren't already special (and certainly not mass produced!) but there's something so lovely about having an extra hand in the creation of an item. It's why I love making art in the first place. 

So I started looking into it, and I found some great tutorials on flower making I thought I'd share! You can never find enough good tutorials these days, and wouldn't it be great if everyone who made a flower from one of these shared it -- in a way, if we gathered them all up, it'd make one big beautiful artistic bouquet! ★ Okay, don't mean to be corny, but it's such a fun thought..

Anyway, to the tutorials!

Okay now this one by The House That Lars Built is great and not just because I'm kind of obsessed with their blog (and their name, I kind of love it all). They really break down the basics of this flower into easy steps, and I've never been able to find a fabric narcissus to buy in stores. Definitely going to add this one to my hairpieces...

I love this tutorial by We Lived Happily Ever After as well -- I've made a lot painted roses in my time, but they really break down how to make a blooming rose look REAL. It takes a lot of petals, but damn that's one gorgeous end result. These would look beautiful as an accessory...and the best part is that you aren't held to just one color -- any color would look gorgeous!

Here's a tutorial from Lia Griffith on how to make paper Dahlias. I love these flowers, I've always felt that even in real life they look so intricate and beautiful. So it's great to find a tutorial on making them! She uses metallic paper to give the flower a little more depth and I love that idea.

Okay let me be really honest here: I kind of want these at my wedding. They are so gorgeous! This tutorial from Pizzazzerie is so great! I feel like I could take the idea and break it down into something wearable. Or better yet...decorate my house. And don't you just love the color? 

Alright, the last tutorial I have for you is from Lia Griffith again. Her roses are incredibly similar to mine when I first started making flowers. It's really easy to make these types of roses. In fact, I actually made a bouquet for a friend once -- she was so surprised, it was beautiful. ♡ Now the difference here is that I water colored my roses on coffee filters (softer paper). But really, you could use any type of paper, I'm sure it'll turn out beautiful regardless. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the tutorials, and here's my first shot at paper roses back in the day! We all have to start somewhere, right? :) Let me know if you have or know of any fun tutorials, I'd love to try them out and blog about them!

 And if you're interested in checking out our current flower hairpieces, I think they turned out beautiful! Here's a shot of the two we have listed online right now:

And keep your eyes open for more in the near future! You'll definitely see some more handmade flowers incorporated into them! ;)