Q: How can I contact you with any questions or concerns?

A:  Contact us with any questions, concerns, thoughts or sales inquiries!

Q: Do you have any reviews of your items? Where can I find them? 

A: We've had many reviews over the years! Read our review page and see how we add up! If you wish to add a review, please feel free to post it to our Facebook wall and we would love to add it to our page! And stay tuned, we will be adding a review function below all our merchandise very soon, where you can simply submit a review with no hassle.  


Q: Do you do custom orders? 

A: Yes, we've done many custom orders in the past, and love filling new ones. We have had 100% positive feedback, especially when it comes to custom orders. Check out our review page for more details. We would love to speak with you personally if you are interested, and we're sure we can make all our dreams come true through our designs! Contact us for more information.


Q: How do you wear TourNewSoul hats? And where would you wear them?








Q: I got my TourNewSoul hat dirty! How do I clean it?

A: It's really simple to put on a TourNewSoul couture hat! Each hat has two teethed alligator clips secured underneath for you to simply slide it into your hair! Long hair or short, if you pin your hair back with a bobby pin or two, it will stay snugly on your head for as long as you need (We've tried this ourselves!).

As far as where you would wear your new couture accessory, that's simple! TourNewSoul hats are certainly very unique, and so we suggest wearing our your hats at occasions such as a wedding, a tea party, at a birthday party, a night out, at a burlesque event, or even in everyday wear if you feel like rocking it! Our hats are so unique that they will certainly grab others attention, and we're positive they will love them too!

A: To clean TourNewSoul couture items, we suggest spot cleaning them with warm water and a bit of soap. Be sure to test this on a section of your hat that isn't visible first to avoid staining your hat with any cleaner. Do not submerge any of your items in water. Handing of any TourNewSoul items should always be with care; as they are handmade they are also delicate. That doesn't mean you can't wear your items out! Just that you must treat them carefully.