Made with love and given a soul, our products are all handmade and designed with the outgoing, stylish customer in mind! Many of our accessories are made with Japanese imported fabrics, and inspired by mixing Japanese Street Fashion with American style.

The Teacup hat is so classically adorable, it's our longest running design! Made for those who love tea parties, birthdays, and tiny spoons, our Teacup hats are really quite unique. Wear one to your next afternoon brunch, or to a show, and this cutie will really help you stand out! Inspired styles: Lolita, Fairy Kei, L'arme Kei

Our Tricorn hat (or Tricorne) design was thought up with the adventurous customer in mind, who loves pirates and fantasy! Great in dark, mysterious colors, or even in brighter hues, this hat will certainly help you stand out from a crowd. Often used for both cosplay and fashion, this versatile design can work with a multitude of outfits! Inspired styles: Kodona, Aristocrat, Cosplay

Our take on a classic style, the pillbox hat, comes in two designs. Often seen in a circular shape for a more classic look, or in a heart shape, for something a little sweeter. These designs are a cute touch for a more casual outfit. Great for adding a little interest to your co-ord without being too over the top! Inspired styles: Vintage, Dolly Kei, Lolita, Otome

One of our newest designs, the Triple Top Hat is inspired by the Tipping Teacup, but with a new twist. Influenced by the magical imagery of Alice in Wonderland, this hat takes the whimsical nature of the Mad Hatter and puts it into a wearable design. This special design is for those who love to stand out, and call attention to themselves and their outstanding style! Inspired styles: OTT Lolita

The Caroler's Hat is a newer design, made just in time to celebrate the holiday spirit. This design is inspired by groups of carolers, walking down snowy streets and singing beautiful holiday songs. Only available during the winter season, this hat is perfect for those who love snow, hot cocoa, and dressing up for winter parties to be with friends and family. Inspired styles: Vintage, Lolita, Dolly Kei


Our Crowns are our most popular style of hat! Inspired by the Crown Jewels of England, this hat has a plush, velvet center and accented by the perfect trim to help form it into the most luxurious of our miniature hats. They are the perfect accessory to wear with any outfit to bring out the princess - or prince - inside you!  Inspired styles: Hime, Lolita, Gyaru

Inspired by the traditional Top hat shape with a twist, this design is the perfect palate for bold designs. Often, this style is complimented with a big bow wrapping the brim into the hat. Great in any color, this adorable mini Top Hat is perfect for complimenting your outfit for any occasion. Imagine wearing it to a play, a night out, or lunch with friends! Inspired styles: Lolita, Dolly Kei, Gyaru

The mini Soldier hat, also know as a mini marching hat or mini shako hat may have many names, but its design is consistently adorable! This style is perfect for adding a little cute touch to your outfit. It matches wonderfully with hair bows, and is often a popular style to wear more casually. Inspired styles: Lolita, Dolly Kei, Otome

The Tipping Teacup hat is one of our most unique designs. As a true couture wearable art piece, this style is an absolute show-stopper. Made to look like tea pouring from one cup into the next, and inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the Tipping Teacup is so whimsically adorable you have to take a closer look. Wear this design to a party, or even a photoshoot! Inspired styles: OTT Lolita (Over-the-Top Lolita)

The Witch Hat, inspired by the adorable Kiki from Studio Ghibli's Kiki's Delivery Service is so irresistibly cute, it usually only comes available during the fall! This design is a great addition to your closet for your next Halloween co-oords or cosplay. It comes in many different styles, but its magical charm always stays the same. Inspired styles: OTT Lolita, Cosplay

Though hats are what TourNewSoul is known for, we also have a passion for many other types of accessories to further accent your outfit. Many of our accessories are cohesive with our hat designs, and may be the perfect touch you're looking for. Check out our online shop for what we have in stock and match accessories to your hats to always tailor a quick, cute outfit in a snap!