creating wearable designs with a soul - that is our goal.


A goal for innovative, inspired designs.

Our goal for TourNewSoul is to design new looks that embody Japanese fashion with a touch of American design. With inspiration from all types of Japanese street fashion: Otome and Gyaru to Lolita and Dolly Kei. Our vision isn't just to simply duplicate these fashion trends in the American fashion market, we look to integrate American patterns and design into these Eastern fashion trends. Our designs are set in a middle ground between these two fashion styles, and the result creates new looks that have a vintage and classic feel. 

"Whenever someone creates something with all of their heart, then that creation is given a soul."

--The Cat Returns, Studio Ghibli film

This was the line that inspired the creation of our brand, TourNewSoul. The visions of Studio Ghibli has been the stepping stones of our ideas in creation: We wanted to make things with love and inspiration. We work to breathe life into our concepts and give them a soul. Most of all, we want to create works of wearable art that can offer a person a special feeling in their hearts--the feeling of owning something that was made for only them. 

Inspiration among best friends: Brooke Wilder and Kaye Salvador founded TourNewSoul in 2011 finding passion in design.


Working together, we are always focused on finding the best materials for our new designs, often driving miles away to the best fabric stores in the Southern and Northern California area or scouring hundreds of pages online to buy just the right trim all the way from Korea or Japan. We believe that offering our customers the highest quality product is what our brand is all about. Because offering them anything less isn't in our nature.

A brand that started with small couture hats has now expanded to include so much more. 

What began as a brand focused solely on couture accessories is now developing into a full line of wearable clothing. When we first started our small business in 2011, we only looked as far as what the average girl needed to set her outfit apart from others, and our answer was incredibly designed hair accessories. Now we see TourNewSoul becoming a brand that can fully embody that outgoing girl looking for an entirely inspired outfit, and we want to be the ones to supply it to her.

Our story is just beginning, and we can only hope that those confident, classy girls can help support us in creating a new movement of products that are made from the heart, giving them a soul.

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We love our customers as much as we love our products. To us, we’re all a family connected by our love of fashion.