Which Hat Style Fits You Best?

I've gotten this question so often when I attend events: Which hat style fits me or my wardrobe best? And really, it all depends on you and your style! But over the years, I really thought about it and it occurred to me that maybe if I make a little guide it might help you decide which style of hat fits for what you're looking for. Either way, follow this little chart, and maybe it'll help guide your next purchase, or better yet, your next outfit!

This is an image heavy post, so it may take a moment to load!

It's just a fun little guide, but I do hope it helped you choose between hats if you were feeling stuck! If you'd like more information on the different hat styles, scroll down on the front page and read more, or click here. Most of all, remember that regardless of your style, event, or favorite color, there's always a hat made by us with a soul waiting to find you! And if you haven't found it yet, message us under the contact page to request a custom hat that fits you perfectly.