Local Feature: Ladurée in LA

Welcome to Local Feature, a blog post highlighting one of LA's many beautiful and inspirational locations. This week we visited Ladurée, a patisserie based out of Paris, France known most for its macarons. Ladurée recently opened a up a new location in Los Angeles, and we had to go visit and see what it had to offer!   


I've been fortunate enough to visit this gorgeous shop in Paris, France only a couple years ago. When I learned of it opening its doors in Los Angeles, my hometown, I knew I had to check it out. I wanted to go all out and try a little of everything, so I started with drinks, lunch and ended with dessert!



There were a couple different options for drinks here, and I was particularly torn between the hot tea and the mocktails (cocktails without alcohol for those of you wondering what that is). Ultimately, I decided on a mocktail with a blend of fruity flavors, and it came out looking both pretty and delicious! I just loved the raspberries on top.


Lunch was a very tasty treat! My lunch date and I both tried something different, and I think they were both quite delicious! I wasn't necessarily expecting lunch to be incredible, since Ladurée is mostly known for their desserts, so it was a pleasant surprise.

I ordered the lobster rolls, which were served in tiny brioche sliders with steak fries in the center. My date ordered the Vol au Vent, a dish made with a puff pastry bowl, filled with mushrooms and served with a creamy chicken mixture over the top.


Now onto the pastries! By the far the star of the show were the desserts. We got in order: the Plaisir Sucré (Chocolate and Hazelnut Bar), the Harmonie (Pistachio Macaron with Fruits), the Saint-Honoré Rose et Framboise (Pastry with Rose and Raspberry Filling), and the Élysées (Chocolate Bar with Layers).

My favorite were the Harmonie and Saint-Honoré! They were both so fresh, light and scrumptious, I didn't even save some for later! I would absolutely order those two again, without any doubt in my mind.

Overall, our trip was absolutely lovely, and I would love to visit our local Ladurée again. It was so inspiring being surrounded by such gorgeous designs, branding and atmosphere. The colors and delicate designs actually made me think of our hats!

So I did a little photo shoot to feature the ones I thought would best fit into the Ladurée feel. You can certainly count on us making more inspired designs after this visit!


Thank you so much for reading. If you have any suggestions on where we should visit next, comment below. And I want to send out a special thank you to Caroline for treating me to this special meal. Thank you so much for your generosity, Caroline. The blog this week is dedicated to you!